Beta reveals a more classic look with ratchet that enriches the back section, making this latter look a little bit higher than the Alfa. Armrests are enhanced with cushions that provide considerable softness and improve the comfort when leaning on it. A very typical element of this model is also the slim foot that gives Beta a more contemporary tone and diversifies it from the Beta_1, in which the presence of shorter and squared feet, highlight the classic look.


Calia Italia

Liborio Vincenzo Calia, Calia Italia’s founder, was born in 1926. He started attending an artisan workshop when he was very young. There he learnt how to make carpentry works, realizing different types of objects made of wood, from useful tools to works of outstanding workmanship to decorate any house.In 1944, when he was only 18, he started his own business and in 1965 he started a research project that would end up in designing and producing a single kind of products, conceived to make people feel good: upholstered furniture.
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